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PictureMePerfectBeauty in My Nail Journey: Mimi Awoji, Audio Slideshow.

Doing your own nails is not so difficult as doing it for someone else professionally. That is why this week The Circular was able to portray the journey of Mimi Awoji, a young entrepreneur at age 22 in a short audio slideshow.

Mimi started as customer who was driven by good nails, that alone did not satisfy her. She launched PictureMePerfect Beauty in 2017 and she is now experienced professionally.

She loves to be around friends (clients) and has since enjoyed being a nail technician, building a strong customer relations with her customers.

Despite the challenges faced in Nigerian as a young person, she also faced challenges training to be as professional as possible. Regardless, she was able to pull through, she teaches her current students in a way she would have loved to be taught.

Nails are always so beautiful and you never get satisfied with one shape or colour.

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