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A Glimpse into the Life of a Photographer, Interview with Reky Okon

Rekpene Joseph Okon

She is a passionate photographer. The love for photography for her grew over the years. She did grow up to her father as her role model who took professional pictures for events but until one of her friends encouraged her to participate in covering an event with her, she had no clue her true passion lay there. Such is the tale of Rekpene finding her calling.

She is a great photographer and covers professional events like weddings, events. Her style is of a portrait photographer. Rekpene is a portrait photographer currently based in Dublin, Ireland. She has her own blog and an Instagram account where she showcases her talent.

She believes that inspiration can strike anywhere and at any interval of time, so one will never spot her without a camera. The interview with Rekpene gives a brief insight into how one should start as a photographer, some tips, sharing her experiences and enjoying every moment of it.

My interaction with Reky made me understand as to how difficult, tedious and rewarding life is as a photographer. The longest she ever took to edit a picture was about 8-9 hours long to meet the client’s demands.

To get beginner tips on how to start as a photographer, how much thought and planning is needed before taking an image , listen to the interview below.

“Go ahead, click anything you love , don’t be scared” was her words of wisdom and who knows you might be a successful photographer like Reky Okon. For more information, contact her here.











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