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Photo of the Day- A new social media group for Photography lovers

Kylemore Abbey, Connamara Image by Betia Rodrigues

The interest in photography has increased considerably in the past few years due to the advent of social media websites. We can see the impact of social media on photography and how it has drawn more attention to the role of photography in everyday life.

If you go through the pictures on your phone or computer, you might realise there are hundreds or thousands of photos you would like to share and tell people how you shot them.

Sometimes you take many pictures and are too shy to share it on your timeline. You might also want to talk about your photos by using technical terms to explain what techniques you have used to have a perfect shot. 

Now there is a new Facebook group where you can do that.

You can post pictures anytime you want without being concerned about how many likes you might have. The aim of the group is for everyone to have the chance to share pictures that mean a lot to them and give members tips on how to take good photos.

You can also share links related to photography, such as magazine articles, websites, YouTube tutorials, and photographers accounts on social media websites. The main idea is to learn a bit more about photography as well as inspire people and be inspired.

Photography is one of the most fascinating art and deserves a special place in our daily routines. They are so powerful that stories can be told without words, just by a camera click.

So if you are a photography lover, join the group! I am sure your posts will be beyond appreciated by members of it.

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