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Perks of living in a small town

I have always been a city girl; loved growing up at the heart and bustle of it all. Though born in a small town I spent most of my life in Nairobi the capital city of Kenya where everything was within walking distance and there is a diversity of cultures and fun activities happening throughout the week. It was therefore a no-brainer for me when I decided to pursue my Masters in Ireland that I would fit perfectly in Dublin. The internet had promised an easy life with bustling city life and diversity of nationalities and walking distance to every possibly important amenities that I would have needed. It worked perfectly that the apartments I secured were right within walking distance to my college.  Dublin is where I spent most of my time during my master’s program and as the first year in Ireland elapsed, the city was not able to hold me in anymore, from the lack of housing to rent to the increasing cost of living and depreciating mental health. It was time for a change of scenery.

St Michaels Hill Christ Church, Dublin 8 p.c. Loisa Maloba

Moving to a small town has never been a welcomed idea in my mind. I have gotten comfortable with the sounds of a city, the sounding of sirens, midnight songs of people high life and sometimes alcohol, as well as the endless partying of fellow students. My time in Dublin city has always been a loud one and the extreme opposite of my time in Maynooth. Maynooth is a small town in Kildare county located in the south of Dublin city. It is quiet and peaceful with the friendliest people. I was lucky to move here when the sun was shining at its best as if to bless my move to Maynooth.

walking trail between the carton house next to Maynooth town p.c. Loisa Maloba

There are endless small paths and nooks to explore on my everyday walks, the nights here are cozy with just the right amount of fun. The new friends I made in this corner of the country have made it a little safe haven. Moving to a new country is one that really works on your mental health, especially as an International student. I was terrified that I was missing home too much but nothing cured homesickness like the embrace I have received since moving away from the city.

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