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People of Kathmandu: 20 gripping portraits


Traveling to Nepal means entering another, almost magical world. The scents of joss sticks, the sound of praying people, walking around the Stupa, again and again, views of monks in their red frocks – every sense is stimulated when you walk through the streets of the capital Kathmandu. The streets are small, full of potholes and as soon as it rains, it seems to be impossible to use them. But that doesn’t stop the citizens to get where they want to get – even if it takes hours. Shops on the roadside sell colorful clothes, men are carrying fresh apples, bananas, and oranges in big baskets on their bikes. To be impressed and fascinated by this city, you just need to stand on the roadside and observe the happenings, listen to the sounds and smell all the different odors, that are so different from the European world. However, the most impressive experience is to get in contact with Nepali. Although Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, which is located between India and Tibet, it has the most friendly and welcoming inhabitants.


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From tea sellers and praying Hindus and Buddhists to potters and former leprosy patients, this photo gallery shows a selection of the people I have met and situations I experienced during my trip to Kathmandu in April 2019.
Furthermore one of the women in my portraits, Savithri Chettri, speaks in an interview about how she managed to escape from a poor village for leprosy patients to establish a home for disabled children in Kathmandu and why impaired people in Nepal are suffering from religious convictions and are excluded from society.

Savithri Chettri established a home for disabled children in Kathmandu.





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