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Pastel in all its glory.

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

When in doubt or indecisive of what colour to go for but still want to look classy and stylish, then muted hues, fluffy yellow chicks, delicate green tulips and soft pink sprouts, are your go-to.

They possess this radiance, They are soothing which gives this classy look to fabrics that lights up the mood of everyone who comes in contact with them.


Photo by Chedi Tanabene from Pexels

Pastel colours are less saturated colours compared to primary colours. They are dusty and whitewashed hues of light and soft tones of neutrals, are of high value and low saturation.  Pastels are light, calming and very inviting, they have toned down colours and minimal.


Also,  they belong to pale family colours such as are Light Pink, Lavender, light grey, aqua, light blue, light green and ivory, the list goes on.


First off, colour has a psychological effect on us, they stimulate us, excite us and they draw our attention to things. That is why pastel colours are good for red carpet events. It enables you to stand out.

It very common in red carpet events to see a lot of people go for looks in black, red or white and even gold to steal the show, little did they know that pastel comes in its glory.


colour has power, colour is light and light is energy, colour stimulate and excites us and makes us happy and so does pastel.

A photo by Kylie Jenner via Instagram.


A good example is Kylie Jenner at the 2019 MET GALA whose theme was “Camp notes on fashion” who blew the mind of viewers as she arrived in a lavender dress. It stole the show!

Aside from fashion which pastel has a huge presence in is also interior design.



pastel home interior
Photo by Emre Can from Pexels.

Frosted blues and dusty pinks are a good way to add a bit of calm and simplicity of your home. It also gives a peaceful feeling to the home.

Photo by Jean van der Meulen from Pexels

pastel colours give the home a soft ad fresh feel which is ideal for minimalist, a little goes a long way.



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