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COVID-19: Parish Support

Dalach Cuana, photo by Bethany Langham

Most of us have been adhering to social distancing measures for at least a month by now in Ireland. Many people have had to completely isolate because they have health conditions or have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus.

The number of cases in Ireland continues to rise each day which is contributing to peoples’ fear of leaving the house even when adhering to the 2km radius restriction.

Kilcoona fields, photo by Bethany Langham

The good will of communities has become clear during this crisis. Whether it’s the man up the road who has left out a dog bowl of water due to the hot weather and higher number of people walking their dogs or the person who has offered to do shop-runs for those who are in isolation.

Walking the dog, photo by Bethany Langham

It’s really heart-warming to see but it’s also useful for the members of the community to know what they can avail of.

If there isn’t a local parish group set up where you are, why not set one up and invite people you know who live in or are from the area? Ask them to invite others and make it clear that it is a forum of support for those who need it during this crisis. Invite people who are from the area but who might not live there anymore, they may be worrying about an elderly relation who is need of help but doesn’t have anyone close by to offer any.

Kilcoona is a small neighbourhood in the west of Ireland which has recently set up a parish support Facebook group during this time. If nothing else, the members can swap gardening tips!

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