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Parents Get Real About the Challenges of #Homeschooling

Image by Annie Spratt from Pixabay

These past few weeks have been challenging for everyone, but let’s take a minute to commend all the parents who have had to take on the role of teacher too!  Needless to say, there has been chaos in some houses, but plenty of humour too.

Take a look at these tweets from parents who are finding their new normal and attempting to homeschool their (often uncooperative) kids!  It’s fair to say that some are fairing better than others. Enjoy!


1. This mother is going to have quite a handful to deal with when this little one grows up:


2. Pretty sure this mother didn’t sign up for this:


3. Differentiating weekdays from weekends is hard for everyone:


4. School tours have never been so educational:


5. Ah, the cruel honesty of children:


6. Some battles you’ll just never win:


7. Negotiation is apparently a skill learned early in life:


8. You can always try using it to your advantage:


9. Sometimes you have to just give in:


10. The student becomes the master:


Incidents and arguments aside, parents are absolutely killing the homeschooling game.

School closures don’t look like they’re going anywhere for the time being, but thankfully, summer is just around the corner and we’re sure that school will be well and truly out!

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