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Pandemic impact on the cost of living for International students in Dublin

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Living costs in Dublin have fluctuated between €10,000 and €15,000 per year, according to the ICOS (Irish organization for international students), depending on the kind of residence selected. Rent, laundry, transport, food, literature, and medicine are all included. Every year, this study is conducted.

Since the pandemic started in March 2020, a lot of things have changed. People has lost their jobs, closed their business etc. getting a job has become more difficult and I can imagine how hard it would be for an international student who is a foreign country that must depend on their parents back home when they don’t have a job. Some of these student countries have a lower exchange rate in terms of their currency compared to the Euro used in Ireland.

During lockdowns, many international students have been unable to work at all or in sufficient amounts. With them not being able to work, it becomes hard for them to get the basic amenities they need as students. Some students have monthly rentals ranging from 600 to 1000 euros. 

The pandemic also made school insurance very expensive as international students now have to pay extra money because of the Covid-19.

 I conducted an interview with two international students who attend Griffith college Dublin, to talk about how the pandemic has affected their cost of living in Dublin. Here is the video of the interview conducted.
interview with international students

As you can see from the video embedded above, the pandemic has made the cost of living in Dublin more expensive and somewhat difficult.

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2 Responses

  1. It is true,as an international student i will testify the same…the cost of living is so high and the pandemic made it worse for it is not easy to get job let alone a residence permit….

  2. Living cost is really high especially those coming from country that pay rent annually. Adjusting to the monthly rent is not very easy too.

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