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Paddy’s day crowds asking for end of lockdown

Photo by Amanda Rodg

Hundreds of people have gathered in Herbert Park, on Paddy’s Day afternoon, to ask for the end of Covid-19 restrictions. They held signs and chanted; while families enjoyed the good weather. Other demonstrations have taken place outside the GPO and RTE in Donnybrook.

Groups such as the Yellow Vest Ireland have called people through social media to a peaceful demonstration. Very few people wore face coverings and there was no social distancing, going against the Public Health advice.

Alberto Ferrari*, an Italian national living in Dublin, said he goes to every protest he can “I believe this is a very challenging time and a threat to humanity, to be honest”.

Ferrari also believes that “we lose the right to work, the right to move, the freedom of speech which is in every constitution in every country. The scientific community are corrupted as well and they are playing this narrative.”

“If we lose this battle we lose our right to live life like we are supposed to be, so we need to fight back because the virus is just an excuse to roll out a plan to limit and eventually eliminate our natural life .” He added.

The HSE maintains the advice of wearing a face covering, hand hygiene, and staying home to curb the spread of Covid.

*fictitious name

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