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caption: A busy day in Oyingbo market Photo credit: Sterling Nigeria

In the very early hours of the morning you could see the traders. “Ten steps at a time,” they defy the odds. Even before the cock crows, Oyinbgo market is as busy as a political party convention. No one is to be left behind. You could see the traders beaming with pride that can’t be quantified. Their love and gratitude as regards seeing a new day is immeasurable. All they just want to do is sell their goods and make money. The uncertainty of the day’s fate is an understatement but still, the happiness of the traders cant be traded. “E Karo E Karo” meaning good morning good morning is their daily morning pleasantry which is now an anthem – little gossips follow.

Caption: Commerce in Oyingbo Market

Oyingbo market has been in existence for decades and its business thrive has contributed to the economy of Nigeria. it is one of the busiest markets in Nigeria. it is so busy that the absence of a person wouldn’t be noticed. With its popularity, comes the craziness. Almost everyone has to be “crazy,” in order to make ends meet in the popular market. The market is also a place of business for people from neighbouring countries. people come as far as Cotonou, a city in Benin Republic, to engage in business transaction. With this, the market keeps getting busier.

The most thrilling moment of this market is the “Ojo Oja” meaning market day. it is a day set aside by the market leaders that provides a platform for a rigorous and viable business transaction. People from the local villages in the neighbouring towns bring there wares and goods to display and sell. On this day, you find it difficult not to get what you desire. Every nook and cranny is occupied that even a termite would find it difficult to be mobile. “pleasant nasty” smell can be perceived from customers and bystanders, which is an accumulation of the moisture discharged through the pores of the skin in the hot sunny weather and the joy of the traders who are delighted to make profit.

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