Outdoor Cinema Tips: Seven Essentials

Outdoor Movie Essentials - Getting Comfy - Photo Credit - Phillip Merritt (flickr)
Outdoor Movie Essentials - Getting Comfy - Photo Credit - Phillip Merritt (flickr)
Outdoor Cinema Experience - Photo Credit - waferboard (flickr)
Outdoor Cinema Experience – Photo Credit – waferboard (flickr)

Since the news broke that an outdoor cinema experience was coming to Ireland this summer everyone went into overdrive with excitement including myself..

To find out specific dates Google ‘outdoor movies Ireland’ as they are selling out fast and choose your favourite film.

I have researched some top tip must haves when going to a cinema outdoors as I’ve never been but these tips relate to anyone in any country and they wont cost much, so take them on broad..

The last thing I want to end up doing when I get there is moaning when I see what everyone else has brought and ruin my own experience as it doesn’t come around often, so get it right!

Outdoor Movie Essentials - Getting Comfy - Photo Credit - Phillip Merritt (flickr)
Outdoor Movie Essentials – Getting Comfy – Photo Credit – Phillip Merritt (flickr)

Tip 1: Get there early to pick your spot, preferably away from large groups which will more than likely be noisy

Tip 2: If you’re like me and don’t have a convertible roof don’t worry, many people have been known to bring pop-up tents to outdoor cinemas, they’re not overly expensive but they keep the breeze away and the warmth in, also keeps anything from crawling on you. This is a must have for lads as when girls see you’ve got a warm tent expect some company 😉

Tip 3: Some outdoor cinemas don’t allow tents as it can get in the way for other people behind you, so to compensate for this bring some fold up chairs that you see people camping with, they are a good size and extra comfy. If you think you might still feel the cold you can bring a sleeping bag and sit comfortably.

Tip 4:  Bring pillows and blankets! and bring enough so you don’t have people leaning all over yours, nothing worse!

Tip 5: What’s a movie without food?.. Yes there will be stands everywhere selling junk food but the queues are known to go on forever and then when you finally reach the top your choices can be limited, so stock up!

Tip 6:  Don’t let your car battery run out, using the heating or fan on for such a long period of time can leave you red-faced when you go to drive home

Tip 7: Bring toilet paper, yes there will be toilets around but that doesn’t mean they’ll have toilet paper, much like festivals.

Are you going to Dublin’s outdoor cinema nights?





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