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The Code of Conduct


The circular is a website where students post their journalistic content online, it is a website where online students of Griffith College express their opinions either in a visual form or generate content and encourage traffic by creating user-generated content and facilitate interaction for all users and viewers.

There are some laws and a code of conduct that  The circular has that one should follow which include privacy and data protection laws.

There is an editorial tone that all content creators/users on circular are expected to follow for the safety and privacy of all users and viewers :

  • Images embedded in the article should not be copyrighted, there should be only stock photos used from websites such as pexels and pixabay.
  • If one is writing an opinion piece, it should be mentioned in the article itself. There should be no bias to personal, religious views, or thinking.
  • The tone of the articles should be professional, with no harmful comments, or personal conversational tone. There should be no arguments if there are at all they should be discussed privately. Trolls or negative comments should be avoided or removed as per the creator’s judgment.
  • The content posted should be up to date, relevant, timely, and accurate, facts should only be posted in the article.
  • All information should be cross-checked, sources revealed only if needed and permission for them to disclose their name/names should be granted from the primary and secondary sources.
  • No harmful, threatening, content should be posted
  • No plagiarizing
  • Do not advertise products or influence/suggest content.
  • If advertisements are disclosed, they have to be specific to the content and not create any bias or entice viewers to buy products or with the aim of marketing.
  • If one user has their own images, they should attribute their images to the creator/user/writer.
  • The work of Griffith college online students is not allowed to be distributed and if published, it should be credited to the original user/creator/writer of the article and the link embedded and permission requested to distribute their work.
  • Contact info of every user can be found by clicking on their icons and sending an email if needed, contact Griffith college for further assistance.
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