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OPINION: Why we need to give up on trends 

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With every new season, fashion publications and social media accounts publish articles and lists discussing the new trends of the season. While trends are integral to the fashion world, sometimes they come and go too soon. The trend cycle, something the fashion industry rotates around, is often criticised for contributing to the popularity of fast fashion

While many of us know how bad fast fashion is for the world, and that the fashion industry is currently one of the world’s worst industries in terms of the pollution it generates, not everyone is willing to shop buying fast fashion items. People hear about a new trend, see one of their favourite creators wearing something, or even pass someone on the street wearing an outfit they like, and immediately want to own a similar, if not the same, item. 

However, true style is often born out of originality. If people all follow the same trends and buy the exact same items, they will end up looking like copy-pasted versions of someone else. Sadly, that is the game fast fashion and designer brands are playing. To a business like the fashion industry, consumerism is intrinsic. There will be no profits, no growth and no happy stakeholders if we all start practicing a slow-fashion lifestyle. 

The answer might not be one of the two extremes, but instead a conscious decision to buy less fast fashion, and focus our spending power more on independent design brands. Of course, to many people, fast fashion is the only available option, as not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to spend hundreds of euros on a single bag. However, many of us buy too much, spend too much of our money and closet space on items that will only get worn once or twice. It is important to know what other options there are, including clothes rental businesses and second hand shops. 

For people who love fashion, giving up shopping altogether may be a hard task, but it is important to make sure our behaviours align with our values. Instead of following trends and buying multiple clothing items that will simply ‘go out of style’ once the next trend appears, a better approach would be to develop a unique sense of style through research. By understanding what we truly like, we can learn to be less wasteful. Keeping a list of items that we like and choosing where to spend our money carefully can be better for our personal styles and the planet.

I keep track of clothes and accessories I like by making a wish-list, see an example below:

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