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OPINION: Top 5 reasons why Nigerian students study abroad

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Studying abroad is a bold step one takes by leaving his/her country to another in pursuit of education and this brings some new experiences and different views of life to the Nigerian international students. Education abroad could be seen as acquiring skills that are considerably deemed to expand both in cultural, environmental, and academic spheres and in turn expands the scope of future career options.

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Earning an international degree is not just about expanding career horizons but also having experience that seems to last lifetime. choose Some of the reasons why Nigerian students choose to study abroad include:

Experience different approach to education

One of the reasons why Nigerian student study abroad is to have a different approach to education. From the curriculum to its implementation through learning techniques and the way lessons are conducted, many see it as an avenue to experience another technique of education and its learning experience.

Global perspective experience

Nigerian students also study abroad to develop wider range of well-informed mindset towards cultures and people. No matter the course or programme you are pursuing, you can think in a multinational perspective that will help them come up with innovative ideas to solutions of various challenges.

YouTube video by University of Adalaide explaining reasons students study abroad.

Exposure to culture and language

This tends to be an excellent opportunity for Nigerian students in learning a new language or advancing one’s knowledge of already existing language. The entire experience of studying abroad is more colourful when you understand the world around you.  Studies have shown that immersion is the best way to become fluent in another language and understand a new culture.

podcast by Beatrice on studying abroad for thecircular

New friends

Nigerian students see this as a unique experience because they get to make new friends. Other students from different parts of the world meet to study in a country, it is therefore an opportunity to get to acquaint with new friends. They exchange ideas together and experiences. One can further engage in friendships that will last. Also, they are likely to get in touch with experts in relevant field through friends.

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Personal development

It has been observed through a study that studying abroad is an excellent way to advance yourself and one can further engage in friendships that will last. Also, they are likely to get in touch with experts in relevant field through friends.

It is therefore obvious to understand that these are the top five criteria that students consider in studying abroad.

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