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OPINION: three things one should know before one’s next friendship.

Friendship is a beautiful thing but can become a nightmare if abused or mismanaged. Lack of mental preparation and knowledge have contributed to the regrets and hurts exuding from friendship. Below are things one should know about friendship.

  • Don’t be a parasite.

Good Friendship entails sacrifice, giving, care and many more attitude that expresses friendliness and helps sustains the bound of friendship. However, this attitude is best mutual and reciprocated. It is wrong for one to keep accepting gifts, care from a friend without reciprocating in one way or the other. It is very wrong for one to play the role of a parasite in friendship.  Parasites often live off others and offer nothing in return. Friendship is striving when all parties contribute to it but dies when a party becomes parasitic.

  • Set and Respect boundaries.

In friendship, it is important that one observes and respects the boundaries set by the friend. These boundaries can include: cell phone, personal items, bedroom, privacy, private affairs etc. It is abuse of friendship for one not to observe and respect boundaries set by the friend.  Moreso, one should also set boundaries in friendship. These boundaries help control abuse of friendship and ensures that respect is observed for all the parties.

  • End friendship wisely not deadly.

Some people cannot deal with ending friendship.  The loss of a friend to death, another friend, relocation and distance, or circumstances is a reality one should embrace when need be. Some friends are for a season, some friends are for reasons whereas some are for lifetime. However, every friendship definitely comes to an end. Friendship is better ended wisely not deadly. When friendship is ended one should not turn into an enemy. When one loses a friend to death one does not have to commit suicide nor hurt oneself.

Make up your mind to be a good friend. looking forward to your comments below.

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12 Responses

  1. This is very interesting, especially because sometimes friendship can become toxic if with the wrong person!

  2. Nice piece Moses but am interested to get more elaboration on how you can effectively set a boundary in a toxic friendship.

  3. I will definitely take note of this friendship management ideas. Thank you for this piece.

  4. Very interesting piece Moses. The boundaries one should set in friendship is very important.

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