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OPINION: Relevance of multi-shopping centre to Shoppers.

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A one stop shop is a centre where a customer or an individual has one contact for everything they need. Research has shown that having multiple product categories benefits buyers because sellers also recognise that raising prices in any single category might make them loose customers.

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One stop shopping centre are usually organised and gives better shopping experience to customers thereby helping the customers to save time and get whatever product they need at the centre.

Imagine you were asked to plan an event and get the basic requirements for the event. The event planner only needs to locate a multi-shopping centre and do the shopping without much stress.

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Among the things most people like to do in their free time is to be able to spend the day shopping. A shopping centre has an unimaginable number of services. A wonderful experience is enhanced through the customer discovering different sections like fashion, accessory stores, technology stores, toys, pet accessories, groceries, furniture, gifts, cosmetics, restaurants and convenience rooms and comfortable spaces that can accommodate many numbers of shoppers.

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Shopping centres are generally situated in prime areas which are effectively open. One stop shopping gives the buyer the opportunity to witness multiple stores for their purchase needs while being at one destination and this offers a sense of competition among businesses so that customers can get most reasonable deal.

One of the things that get people into a store is the excitement that comes with seeing a great product on deal which is why shopping centre has the skill to hunt powerful experience towards their customers. When people know that they will come across amazing offers and products and are aware that those items will not be there for long, shoppers are more likely to be attracted on the spot. They try to engage people in shopping experiences that feels safe and secure.

YouTube video by Beatrice on tour to Blanchardstown shopping centre

Blanchardstown shopping centre is one of the biggest shopping centres in Dublin located in Dublin 15 and comprising more than 100 stores including restaurants, gaming centres, clothing cosmetics, home equipment, groceries. It also has more than 5,000 free parking spaces and one can have access to other services like banking, library, hotels. It could also be viewed as a tourist centre where people can tour around and experience the beauty.  

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