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Opinion on new TV Series “Fallout” (2024)

War Never Changes

Fallout Game Series

The Fallout series is about a world after a nuclear war, where anarchy, destruction and despair have become an integral part of reality. And most people will stop at nothing to survive. Many Fallout fans have long dreamed of a film adaptation that could
convey the spirit and atmosphere of the harsh post-apocalypse. Did the creators of Amazon succeed?
In my opinion, yes, but with some reservations.

Firstly, I can’t help but note the gorgeous soundtracks that warm the ears and heart. Excellent musical accompaniment, which many have loved since the games. The music perfectly emphasizes the atmosphere and relieves stress.

Secondly, it is impossible not to mention the actors who played in this series. Not super famous, but quite talented Ella Purnell (Lucy) did an excellent job in one of the main roles. Walton Goggins (Ghoul) played a very unusual and interesting role; I was very impressed by the image and storyline of his character. It was extremely unexpected to see Kyle MacLachlan (Hank). And it’s very nice that Michael Emerson (Wilzig) also appeared and played a small but significant role for the plot. His appearance was especially pleasant because I really liked him after the TV series “Lost“.

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Thirdly, speaking briefly and about everything at once, it is worth noting the cruelty of some scenes, the presence of black humor, good special effects, excellent pacing of the story and plot.

Fourthly, apparently something needs to be said about the plot. The viewer was presented with several storylines of the main characters, which managed to develop well. We also have a mystery shrouded in darkness and one goal, which is pursued by different characters with their own motives. I won’t say any details, but I managed to watch 8 episodes in a row in one go and got a great impression. I expect to continue for another 2-3 seasons and will look forward to the continuation of the series and, if you like, films. I’m very glad that this project did not fail and I’m sure many will have the same pleasure after watching it as I did.

Fifthly, yes, there are some questions about the plot and about some of the characters’ actions, but where would we go without that. The series is incredible and there is nothing genius or inventive here, but it is a quality product made with integrity. My respect to the entire film crew.

9 out of 10.

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