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OPINION: Finding the best New York slice in Dublin

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While new restaurants open in Dublin all the time, there was one opening in recent years that took the city by storm. When Bambino opened their doors on 37 Stephen Street, at the heart of Dublin’s city centre, it was quickly crowned by many as having the best New York pizza slice in the city. I could not go anywhere without hearing from friends, co-workers or family members that it was the best slice they ever tried in Dublin. 

I will admit, I was sceptical from the very beginning. I went to try it for myself, and did not even go at a busy time, but the first thing I noticed were the queues. While that is a good sign for a new food place and a signal of success, to me it also meant that the food was either really good, or the pizzeria was simply the current hyped up trendy place to go to. 

We got a slice of ‘Pepperoni’, another slice of ‘Sausage and Peppers’ and drink to go. There’s not much room to sit down, however that is to be expected at a small pizza place. We managed to find space on one of the benches outside, and got started on our slices. Turns out, I was right. The slices themselves were fine, but nothing mind-blowing in terms of taste or texture. What stuck to me most was how oily they were. I had to scramble for more tissues as it was almost impossible to eat the slice without getting oil all over my hands. While the pizza was certainly good, it wasn’t my favourite, and I was quickly reminded of what my true favourite was – a DiFontaine’s slice. 

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After this experience, I got curious and wanted to see if anyone agreed with me, since I was hearing so much praise for Bambino and a comment here and there about how much better it was than DiFontaine’s. I set up a quick poll on my Instagram Stories asking people what their preferred Dublin slice was – Bambino or DiFontaine’s. Out of 15 people that voted, 8 voted for DiFontaine’s. It was a winner, but not by much. 

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It could be that many people were fuelled by nostalgia when picking their favourite. That was certainly one of my reasons. On one of my first dates with my now-fiancé we went for dinner and then for a walk around Dublin. We stopped outside DiFontaine’s and he said it was important that I try a slice. I got one and upon taking my first bite was instantly transported – it tasted exactly like the pizza I used to get as a child in my favourite pizzeria in Lithuania. That is why, I will always be a fan of DiFontaine’s, no matter what new pizza joint tries to take its place.

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