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Which country is getting tattooed the most?

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“Tattooing” has been perhaps one of the oldest ways for a person to express himself symbolically since the pre-writing period. For centuries, it has been used for many things but for recent centuries, it has been used without a cause.

According to WorldAtlas, Italy has a rate of %48 of the population has tattoos. On the other hand, contrary to general belief, women prefer tattoos more, not men. Although many people attribute the popularity of tattooing to rebellious youth, in fact, this is not the case at all.

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The age group with the highest tattoo ownership rate is middle-aged people between the ages of 30-49. According to another research, Americans and Swedes like several tattoos more than Italians. Most tattooed Americans, out of the top three nations, have more than four body art pieces. 43% of people in Australia and 43% of people in Argentina have at least one tattoo.

Spain, where 42% of the population has at least one tattoo, is in sixth place, followed by Denmark and the UK, where 41% and 40% of citizens, respectively, have at least one tattoo. Brazil and France have also embraced tattooing, with a sizeable percentage of the populace sporting body art. With at least one tattoo on their body, 37% of Brazilians and 36% of French persons respectively place 9 and 10.

Here is the question, do tattoos need to have meaning?

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Most likely, people with tattoos get the question, do your tattoos have meaning? Yes or no, believe me, or not, it doesn’t matter. For some people, since tattoos are inks that will stay on your skin permanently, they must have a meaning. But for some, it doesn’t matter because they are getting tattoos just for the visual of the tattoo. You call it fashion, others don’t. As I said before, some say that it is important for them to have a beautiful meaning.

Why a person just can’t get a tattoo for their visual art as well? From my point of view, tattoos aren’t only for show. A tattoo is similar to any other cosmetic surgery. You colour your hair a particular colour because you enjoy it. You pierce a section of your skin because it’s what you desire and you like the way it looks or feels. A tattoo is no exception. You can simply get a thing tattooed because you liked it as well. If you like coffee, just get a coffee tattoo. Don’t let anyone beat your happiness.

According to Ferda, who is a female that just got her first tattoo;

“Tattoos should have a meaning. it is a must. because you’ll carry it or them on your body all your life.”

Ferda Nur

But for some, it doesn’t matter if they have a meaning or not. Again because they are permanent, rather than any meaning, carrying a masterpiece on your body for your life is an idea that some care about more.

What I believe is, the more you get tattoos the more you get less meaningless ones. Also, many people seek tattoos just to beautify their bodies. With so many connotations and negative messages in the media that we are exposed to on a daily basis, many people suffer from self-image issues. Tattoos can aid in the development of a positive self-image by allowing people to reclaim their bodies. They can boost one’s self-esteem.

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Every tattoo carries a personal meaning for the person who has it. Some individuals just choose to honour something in their lives by tattooing it on their bodies, and the significance of the tattoo is obvious because of its permanency. To avoid regrets, it is typically a good idea to spend some time to think why you want one.

Others acquire tattoos to determine and distinguish themselves from others around them. Tattoos are visually appealing, especially if they are unusual, many, or bright. They allow you to express yourself without having to say anything.

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People who have tattoos are always faced with explaining them. But, do they really have to have meaning? It is your body and in the end, you will stay alone with that body and you are the one that will see that tattoo all the time. So, others don’t have any right to say anything and you don’t have to find a meaning to tell them.

Here are two different opinions about my question, just give yourself time to think about it and let me know!

Also, check this Youtube video that sums up the idea of tattoos and their meanings.

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