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OPINION: Adults are just three kids in a trench coat

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Have you ever felt like adulthood expects too much from you? And sometimes, all you want to do is to call your mam, and ask her to solve any adult situations while you hide under your blanky and watch cartoons drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate?

Well, you are not alone.


A reminder that you don’t need to put any pressure on yourself for not “adulting enough”. We shall figure out life — one thing at a time. Hoping that my next adulting milestone would be to get my Citibank Rewards Visa Card through Moneymax! You can also get a welcome gift when you meet the initial spend! 💗

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i really don’t feel like an adult. i should stop counting my age.

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My theory is that everyone feels like they are just 12-year-olds having to go to work/college and deal with responsibilities. When have I become an adult? It is scary and weird! It might be a generation thing, or it might be just me and my friends.

This feeling is not an exclusivity of your 20s, as many people are feeling like that later in life, in their 30s and 40s. It is as if we are living in 13 Going on 30, as if we went to sleep on a normal evening as 13-year-olds and woke up the next morning at nearly 30 still feeling like a child.

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I am not talking about irresponsibility. You can be very responsible, achieve all your daily goals and still feel lost!

It is this adult, contemporary life demanding everything at the same time. Burning us all out! You have to eat healthily, sleep 8 hours, exercise, go on holidays, parties, dinners… All of this while still being productive and the best employee possible.

Guess what? People do not have time!

Maybe this feeling of being a child inside a grown-up body is a result of the exhaustion of having to do too much and still being happy and approachable.

We are tired, we do not want to talk about your last trip to Greece Janet! I am killing myself to pay my bills, I am surviving on frozen Tesco pizza, and do not have time to exercise or do hobbies. I am not just feeling like a child, I wish I could go back and be a child again…

If you also feel like this, if sometimes you find yourself wishing you were 10 years old, or find yourself feeling like you ARE 10 years old, check the podcast Problems Yarn. In this podcast, my roommate and I talk about the problems and perks of being an adult while we knit and crochet.

The episodes are coming out every Tuesday and every Friday.

On Tuesdays, we talk about relationships. All kinds of relationships… Human interactions!

On Fridays, we talk about whatever our yarn and needles bring to us. It can be a discussion about a random TV show we watched, theories about zombies in real life, or why societies collapse…

Listen to the first episode below:

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