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Online class VS traditional class : Which one is better ?

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It’s a long debatable question before this crisis happened.  The outbreak of Coronavirus has made an entire education system of all the countries in a state of panic. Not only the school or the college have been lockdown, shops, offices, and governmental institutions have also been in a state of lockdown. The economy is going out hill. This means colleges and schools are also suffering from the economic crisis.

At this time, colleges are making students do online classes that have their pros and cons.  Taking online is a blessing for some but for most, it can be a new thing to manage. First, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of online classes before you entirely jump into your opinion. Then, I will show you the question that I asked my friends if an online class is preferred than the traditional class or vise versa on social media so that you would know why it is the most debatable topic in everyone’s mind.


1. It cost you less than what you pay to go to college.

2.  It gives you the freedom to multitask. You can do your chores or assignments while studying.

3. You can learn in a comfortable setting from your home. Usually you get ready and wear dress even though you sometimes don’t feel like it.

4.  You can concentrate better online and in-class where you can be distracted.

5. You will have better interaction with your teacher at online class. Some of the students hesitate to speak out in the class in front of the class but online classes will give you the power to ease your hesitation. You just need to send the message to your lecturer.

6. As I said it gives you the freedom to do multi-task. You can study at the same time work in a convenient way.

7. An online class can come in handy when you don’t have to go to class on cold and rainy days. You can always join online and don’t have to miss a class.


  1. Not everyone will get proper feedback, some might but not individually which will lead to little space for progress.
  2. This will create social isolation because students will have less face to face interaction.
  3.  This will also affect the principle of the self-discipline of the student and have less importance in the traditional classroom.
  4. Online classes will create little motivation to do your assignments and less concentration on online lectures.
  5.  The lecturer is unavailable to know who is actually in the class, listening or who is not plus it is also not effective to keep track of people if they are cheating or not.
  6.  No face to face interaction with teachers.
  7. Internet is the most important source for online classes if the internet gets shut down or have some technical problem,  it will negatively affect our online classes.

Likewise, I also asked the question my friends, if an online class is preferred than the traditional class or vise versa on social media so that you would know why it is the most debatable topic in everyone’s mind. So there are some tweets, WhatsApp and Instagram response I got from my friends:

Twitter response

On twitter, I used #onineclass to make my question more relevant and asked my followers the question which is most prefer online class or the traditional class?



Instagram response

Basically, I asked my friends on my Instagram story if they like an online class than the traditional class or vice versa and I found some mixed answers :


By taking the current scenario on the mind, I asked the same question to my classmates who took the online classes with me.

For me, I don’t like online classes, sometimes it’s hard to follow……. I like the traditional class because I think the teaching process is very beneficial when the teacher and student is interacting verbally, face to face, physical…. that’s better ‘, Efe Can Erdogan, MA in Journalism, media and communication, 12th April 2020

I don’t like online classes at all, I hate the internet, the network connection isn’t there, there are many restrictions while shooting/recording our documentaries which our lecturers don’t foresee, sometimes people don’t share that much and aren’t willing of that, but our lecturers assume us to do it. However, I wish they’d keep that in mind and understand how hard it is for us to be bombarded with work… I miss seeing people in the classroom ‘, Bahaar Thareja, MA in Journalism, T.V and Radio, 12th April 2020

Surely people have mixed opinions about this, some are positive and some are neutral. Let me know also know that are your thoughts on this, whether you like online media or the traditional class? Comment down below and share the post.  If you want to read more articles like this visit



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