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Blogging. Photo Credit: mellssaery (Flickr)
Blogging. Photo Credit: mellssaery (Flickr)

Blogging is an industry that is on the up and up. It’s a hobby for many, and for a lucky few it has become a career. Being journalism students, blogging is an excellent way of building up a portfolio and getting a chance to write about what you love.

This week The Circular met Alana Kelly Cahill of, a fashion blogger from Dublin. Alana is a Communications Studies graduate from DCU with an aim of breaking into the world of fashion journalism. Alana has been blogging for three years and eventually would love to make it a career.

We sat down with Alana this week and had a chat about what it takes to keep a blog in todays every growing bloggers sphere, the difficulties associated with this, and her top favourite bloggers. Photo Credit: Photo Credit:


So, Alana what made you want to get into blogging originally?

I’ve always had a passion for fashion ever since I was young. I would collect magazines and cut out all of my favourite outfits and put them in a folder, like a little scrapbook! I constantly read other blogs and get such inspiration from their outfits and photography so I just bit the bullet and started one for myself.

When did you first set up your blog,

In my first year of college in 2012 we had to create a WordPress account for one of our assignments and then a few months after, while we were on our Christmas holidays, I was bored one evening and decided to make a blog with that same WordPress account, and voila, it was born!

Do you find it difficult coming up with ideas for posts?

Sometimes ideas just pop into my head and then sometimes I find myself hitting a wall. With blogging there are always the go-to posts that you can do, such as you’re monthly favourites, clothing inspirations, hauls etc., which are great for those days when you just lack creative ideas.

Sometimes I might see what others are doing to get inspiration, but I usually tend to do reviews of products because I’m slightly obsessed with all things beauty! Or I post photography pictures I’ve taken on trips.

Alana Kelly Cahill Photo Credit:
Alana Kelly Cahill Photo Credit:

Is it hard to keep your blog up to date with your other commitments?

It can be tough at times. You see bloggers online and it all looks so easy, just doing a few posts a week here and there like it’s no problem! When I have a day off its great to get the mind going and feel creative, and I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I’ve done a few posts and publish them. At the moment I’m working in retail part-time, with some full-time hours, which does make keeping it up to date quite difficult. If I had a full-time job that was 9-5 Monday to Friday with weekends off I could definitely get into a routine and set aside a certain day every week.

However, in retail my hours change every week and finish at awkward times. A standard shift could be 1-10pm so the day is pretty much gone. It’s all about getting into a good routine, which I’m still working on!

Do you feel it could become a full time job eventually?

Blogging has really taken off in the last few years and it’s only the beginning. It used to be such a rarity whereas now there are so many bloggers it’s hard to find your place. I think that in order to be successful in blogging you need to work really hard for a few years, build a following and eventually become well known. That’s when you can make a career out of it. For me, at the moment my blog is just a hobby that I do for myself and if someone else enjoys it, well then that’s just a massive bonus. It would be a dream future career, but I think to make that happen I would have to become strict on myself and make a schedule.

Would you like to get into fashion journalism?

I would love to! Fashion journalism is a dream of mine and I’m still waiting for that golden opportunity to come along. As I mentioned, fashion has always been part of my life and has always been a big part of my life, I’ve also loved magazines from a very young age. I used to take my pocket money as a child and buy fashion magazines to see what celebrities were wearing, but it wasn’t until I got my first job and started earning that I could finally build up my wardrobe and experiment with clothes. I love to do blog posts on celebrity fashion events, such as the Oscars or the Golden Globes, celebrity style crushes, or discuss the new season’s trends. I love everything to do with fashion so getting to report on it for a living would be pretty great.

Blogging. Photo Credit: mellssaery (Flickr)
Blogging. Photo Credit: mellssaery (Flickr)

What bloggers are you a fan of personally?

There are some bloggers I’ve been following for years, and some I just found yesterday, but I love how they all have their own individual style. A lot of my favourite bloggers are based in New York. I love the buildings and yellow cabs in the photos, and the New York style is just so individual for everyone, you can wear whatever you want in the Big Apple.

Some of my favourite bloggers are: Danielle Bernstein (WeWoreWhat), Arielle Noa Charnas (Something Navy), Erika Fox (The Retro Flame), and Victoria McGrath (InTheFrow).

And finally, What’s the next step for

I’m not sure exactly where it’s going to go, but I know for sure that I will keep doing it. I really love blogging, it’s been three years so far and I hope to be doing it in another three years. It keeps my creative side flowing while I work part-time and search for my dream job. I love sharing my ideas online. I’m going to Paris in March so I plan to get a lot of amazing content over there, then who knows where it will go, but I think that’s what makes it exciting!


For more information on Alana, check out her blog: 



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