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‘Okada – the two-legged transport system’

Okada riders and some passengers

The business of Okada riding in Nigeria is very important as it provides a veritable means for some Nigerians to make ends meet. Almost everywhere you go in the rural and urban areas in you come in contact with people using Okada (motorcycle), as a means of transport and also a means of survival via business. The larger percentage of the users of Okada are those who are business driven. The two-legged motorcycle is a means and source of income for people who are motivated to cater for their family and well beloved, some riders are even more equipped with motorcycle trikes they have found in websites that offer motorcycle trikes for sale.

The “middleman” between the commuters and the Okada riders is the incessant traffic. Over the years, it has been at the advantage of the riders, and have provided a bunk of income for those who are in it for business. The incessant traffic in Nigeria is an intermediary between the two parties and is the main medium of negotiation between the parties. some riders charge their fees based on how light or heavy the traffic is. Without the occurrence of traffic, some riders wouldn’t be able to make huge amount of money because it is from this traffic, most of them are able to garner large amount of money from people, who are in hurry to get to work or various places of destinations on daily basis.

A lot of people use this means of transport whenever they are late for work or in a hurry to get to their place of destination. Some people even go as far as parking their cars on a side of the highway, once there is traffic in order to beat the traffic. with the existence of Okada, so many people have been able to avoid being retrenched from work because the riders have a sharp methods of beating the traffic, and the small size of the motorcycle enhance theirs skills to maneuver the sides of the road. It is indeed a life saver.

Holy Sh*t!
Caption: An overloaded motorcycle being used for business

On the other end, the despondency of the Okada business is the high risk associated with it. The motive of every business man is to make profit and as a result of this, the riders operate at a very fast speed, so as to get to their destination just in time. Some riders even convey overloads, with the case of your seeing four to five people on the motorcycle. These actions have led to loss of so many lives because the riders are so fast and some roads are not in conducive shape.

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