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The National Youth Service Corps: Not the masses favorite

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The National youth service corps is a one-year experience scheme in which the Federal government has set for Nigerians to get mixed and unite as one. By posting people from their original state of origin to other cities.

Generations have come and come, with the increase in population in Nigeria yet no jobs for its masses. What I hear from the older generation of individuals in their 50’s and 60’s are that during their time the program benefited them.

Nigeria is a country with an estimated population of about 194 million citizens and that seems like a challenge with the Nysc programme currently ongoing in the country as it as not met expectations of its masses.

Ex-Copper Obodumu Obodume says that the Federal government needs to scrap this scheme out because it seems like the government is just making money off the people and leaving them in total disorder

In my opinion as well as an ex-copper I feel this program could portray a good image on why we need to do the program but in all honesty, I cant still pin pot out the reason for the scheme. My experiences in the still program were hectic, stressful and just negative because everything was in a total mess, from the arrival to camp to the departure of camp.

The question should be if the program was very important as the Nigerian constitution says why do thousands of people graduate per year and still no job? Don’t the government know the number of students who exist in the country? Or maybe there are not many offices where the masses can actually work in the first place.

Horrific pictures of what the camp looks like

Entrance to the accommodation


Arrival at the camp
Coppers queue to get water to shower
The camp dorm

At the moment coppers finish from camp, everyone gets transferred to an office called the Primary of assignment which is supposed to give them some level of experience based on what they had studied at universities, but that never the case due to high corruption from the elites who post coppers to places of their choice.

Below is a podcast with a principal office at NYSC


The Nigerian Senate has once again ruled out the order of the scrapping of NYSC programme as its included in the Nigerian constitution. If we as Nigerians must do this programme the government must be ready to change a lot of things, like better-equipped facilities, like toilet and bathroom, beds, mattresses, and training because these are part of the problems why coppers refuse to go camping. I did the NYSC programme myself so I know exactly what I am saying.

Until the dimensions of NYSC is changed, the citizens would still suffer the same consequences of not getting the job after the programme which is very essential.

A media consultant ‘Alhaji Isa Hussaini says that “Having Nysc in the constitution is good but the world is evolving and things are changing, we also need to change with the times and amend the constitution in line with the dynamic nature of society he further went on to say that. It is better to remove it from the constitution and set up an act of parliament to guide the institution.







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