Your NUMBER 1 Shop Stop for BOXING DAY 2K16 …… {take note}  

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I love Boxing Day logo
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I know it’s a bit early for BOXING DAY PREP , but you all going to be thanking me later ….So , the list is out ! , this year’s BOXING DAY Shops list are to DIIIIIIIEEEEE FOR …….

Well, we all know we save the year’s earnings just for a day like this to grab all those bargains for 2017. Lets not talk about the horrendous queues for Penney’s, H&M , and River Island. These Store are bound to be on the list as they are people’s favourite choices and first STOP !
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First and Foremost, BEFORE YOU STEP OUT ON B- DAY , you need these essentials, so this is my B- DAY ESSENTIALS :

  • Bottle of water or energy/fizzy drink – we all know how long those queues can be, so you need to be energized.
  • B-DAY SHOPPING Buddy – THIS IS A MUST ! , no one wants to go shopping alone and especially not on a long day like this sooo ooooo grab a BF/GF OR BFF or even a Sister, Mum, (Brothers don’t normally like this kind of fun … THEIR LOSS HAHA) . The list is endless, so your never going to be stuck !
  • COOL CASH –  Its all about the MULA BABY , so cash out those euro notes and have them ready to spend .. B – DAY IS MONEY SPENDING DAY … let’s embrace it
  • SMART PHONE – You need to stay CONNECTED, and UPDATED.  you can call friends to meet up in the city centre or grab lunch after a long day shopping or even to check the closing times for SHOPS !
  • ATM CARD – If you run out of cash, you have back up , your ATM CARD is a rescue card, just make sure not to cash out all your Savings PLEASE .
  • WEATHER GEAR- It’s Ireland, be prepared for the unexpected AKA the IRISH WEATHER. Why not pop an umbrella into your rucksack just in case ?  Well, you can bring your sun shades along too if you’re feeling funky but I hate to break it to you, THERE WILL BE NO SUN, UNFORTUNATELY…
  • DEO – this is DEODORANT , pop a small spray in your bag, you might sweat a bit because of all the running around in shops.
  • Tic Tac or Gum- This is simply just to keep those breaths minty and FROSH .

And, here’s the MY SHOP STOP LIST FOR B-DAY 2K16 .. …. …. …. …

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  1.  PENNEYS –  Mary Street, O’Connell Street, Dundrum, (New Store LIFFEY VALLEY),Blanchardstown and more.
  2.  H&M –  Henry Street, Dundrum, Blanchardstown. Liffey VALLEY
  3.  RIVER ISLAND –  Henry Street, Dundrum, Blanchardstown, Liffey VALLEY
  4.  ZARA –  Henry Street, Dundrum, Blanchardstown, Liffey VALLEY
  5.  DUNNES STORES –  Everywhere ! ! !
  6.  MARKS & SPENCERS –  Most shopping center and Areas
  7.  ARNOTTS –  City Centre and other Center
  8.  BROWN THOMAS –  Henry Street and others
  9.  DEBENHAMS-  City center
  10.  ALDO-  Dundrum, Henry Street and more
  11. MOONSOON-  Dundrum & Grafton Street , Outside Dublin.

So, set your alarm to 8am and try and make the 8.30 bus , that’s not too hard or is it ? We need to make that QUEUE . But Sadly, After the 26th of December, we are all going to be in BROKE-VILLE, cause we BROKE PEOPLE !

Merry Christmas and Happy NEW YEAR in Advance.


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