Nuits Sonores 2015 : Back to basic !

Nuits Sonores 2012, by Adrien Chabal

Here we are ! Just one mouth before the French festival Les Nuits Sonores begins !

Nuits Sonores’s trailer 2015 “A Beat of Nuits Sonores” Produced by PARTIZAN

Created in 2003, Nuits Sonores is a electronic, indie, numeric, visual French Festival. It is taking place in Lyon  every year for 5 days and 5 nights. 50 events are organized all around the town. Nowadays, it gathered 100,000 people per year and invite 250 international artists. The 13th Festival will start the 13th May and will stop the 17h May 2015. 

 The Festival was created and organized by the Arty Farty non-profit organization, which is focus on culture, creativity and innovation. For the 13th Nuits Sonores the festival going to  be EPIC! For the first Nuits Sonores, artists express themselves in different spot in Lyon like art galleries, industrial wastelands, rooftops and even swimming pools. The  structure of the Festival is various to please to people of all ages

 – NS Days : since 2011, Nuits Sonores plans severals concerts during the day

Principal nights : three nights which reflects the Festival takes place for long time  in Marché Gare, now it is in Confluence in former firm.

Nuit 2 : Connected by shuttles, the Circuit allows the public to roam on Ascension Days on 10 stages proposed by the festival in partnership.

Special concert : Dedicated to a symbolic group of the history of the electronic and independent cultures, it has for objective to highlight an artist, a concept, a sound experience in the insulating material besides of the programming

Sunday Park : Closing day of the Nuits Sonores. It is an open air with electronic concert.

Carte Blanche (in english free rein) : Nuits Sonores give a big international metropolis a free rein, a reflection of a musical and urban history and contemporary as well. In 2015, it is the Polish capital, Warsaw, which has been picked up

Mini Sonores : For children from 4 to 12 old, Nuits Sonores organizes a real Festival into The Festival ! A playgroung is created for children as well as thieir parents. There are musical event, recreational and educational activities.

Extra! : Every year, Extra! Federate approximately 30 abstract projects spread everywhere in town.

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