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Not A Pyramid Scheme

Admission to the group may cost money Photo: Pixabay

New Facebook group urges members to learn life’s secrets for a small fee.

A new Facebook community group has been made in the hopes to encourage new members to join and communicate the life hacks they have learnt. In the group description, founder Andrew Martin comedically describes the group as “Not a Pyramid Scheme” yet describes a somewhat questionable form of admission. The group description reads as follows:

Have you ever wondered what the secret to a meaningful life is? Well now, with the help of just a small admission fee, you can learn all about it here. All donations will be given to founding members and recruiters. Please post anything you may have come across that has helped you find purpose and members will evaluate your worth”.

If that didn’t sound shady enough, founder Martin also posted the first update to the group with this message:

“Welcome puppets (I mean people) to my Pyramid Scheme (I mean not a pyramid scheme). If you have any queries about the admission fees, please feel free to drop a question here and we will be sure never to get back to you on the matter”

The group seems to be professionally run and legit, so members are encouraged to join and post their own ideas of what is meant by a “meaningful life”. The group currently boasts a staggering amount of 5 members, including Martin, so far and looks to be expanding rapidly.

On the topic of whether the group is set up as a pyramid scheme, Martin has refused to comment thus far. One of the original members to join, who will remain nameless, but rhymes with Keeva Blarney, had this to say:

“Of course it’s not a pyramid scheme. All I had to do was send Andrew a small admission fee. I trust him with all my heart that this was a necessary thing to do.”

Another member, Fergus McDonald we’ll call him, mentioned that “Andy is one of the smartest men I know. He would never exploit me for money”.

A third member, who requested to be named as Britney Spears Gooden, had this to say about the group:

“The fee isn’t real. It’s all a ploy to make it seem as if you’re wasting your money. But I’m quite a generous person. One time, I donated $10 to a classmate so she could visit her family.”

The account appears to be a parody of a real pyramid scheme. Members seem to be set on staying with the group for entertainment purposes, but also seem eager to learn new life hacks. To know the true objectives of this group, only time will tell.

If you would like to join the group, you can find it at this address:

This is Not a Pyramid Scheme | Facebook

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