Nostalgia TV: A look back at 90s show kids watched

Rugrats photo credit: jonobacon (flickr)
Rugrats photo credit: jonobacon (flickr)

The problem with television these days is that there is too much But was it the same in the past? From this writer’s childhood, there have been a litany of shows that were watched and remembered. To shorten the list, there will be no discussion of shows that were watched by some kids but aimed for adults. Married with Children That 70s show or Friends. So here are 7 shows that you propably watched back in the day (or still do for an attack of nostalgia).

For learning about teenage-hood: Saved by the Bell

Before smartphones and even before mobile phones, there was Zack Morris and his brick phone. As well using that then cool phone and breaking the fourth wall with his timeout monologue, Zack and his friends would get involved in various schemes that would normally tick off Principal Belding. As well as being funny, it also tackled important issues like drug use and divorce before viewers saw the OC or Dawson’s Creek.

From Nickelodeon: Rugrats

There are a lot of Nickelodeon shows that kids watched from its cartoons Hey Arnold and Catdog to its live action shows like Clarissa Explains it All and Kenan & Kel.  However, it’s the show that was adored by Steven Spielberg that gets the credit. A show about babies talking when no adult is present, Tommy and his friends Chuckie, Phil and Lil have captivated audiences with their baby grammar and making everyday life seem like one big adventure.

For creating a fandom: Pokemon

In the late 90s, kids were obsessed with Pokemon to the point that everyone in the classroom would buy Pokemon Cards instead of sweets. A lot of them gave up after a year and the rest stayed on for a while longer or remain a fan. The original consisted of a 10 year old boy wanting to be the best Pokemon trainer.  To do this, he must catch them all and strengthen them through battle and taking good care of them. Below is an example of a Pokemon battle.

For magic: Sabrina the Teenage Witch

What harder than being a teenager? A teenager who is also a witch. However this show is also shows that being a witch or anyone with magic powers is pretty awesome. Living with her aunts Hilda and Zelda and former warlock turned cat Salem, Sabrina tries to use magic to solve her problems whether it’s improving her relationship with Harvey or stopping Libby from bullying her. After the show, Sabrina and Salem had one last hoo-rah in a Funny or Die sketch.

For the early birds/comic hero fans: Teenage Mutant Ninja Mutants

When it was just the two RTEs and TG4, kids that got up very early watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja (or Hero) Mutants. It told the story of four turtles that protect their city from trouble mostly from the evil Shredder and his goons Rocksteady and Beebop. They have changed several times through the years even getting a new live action movie this year. However nothing beats the original which bring back fond memories for people that watched the heroes in a half-shell.

For Disney: Recess

On the weekends on RTE two, Mary Kingston hosted the Disney Club that made kids want to stay instead of head to mass. One of the shows that was a favorite was Recess: a story of six kids who come up schemes and get involved in various scenarios where the schoolyard becomes a central scene. With quirky characters and even quirkier side characters, it’s no wonder that this became a cult classic that even resulted in a big screen movie.

For Cartoon Network: Johnny Bravo

Cartoon Network had an array of shows that were extremely fun to watch from Dexter’s Laboratory to Powerpuff Girls to Cow and Chicken (which was sometimes controversial for its innuendos ). However, there was Johnny Bravo a pervy ladies man that lives with his mother and barely gets the women. He has had many adventures as well from being in the desert with a talking camel to showing a recluse president’s daughter what it’s like to date a real man.

There are so many great shows back in to watch. Which was your favourite? Write it in the comments and if it isn’t, I be sure to add it. 

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