Noshington: Red velvet cake on south circular road Dublin 8

Red Velvet Cake (Photo Credit Oreoluwa Aremo)
Red Velvet Cake (Photo Credit Oreoluwa Aremo)
Red Velvet Cake (Photo Credit Oreoluwa Aremo)
Red Velvet Cake (Photo Credit – Oreoluwa Aremo)

The world eats and loves Red velvet cake, however, no one knows the accurate date of when and where the cake originated from says

Nevertheless, an interesting story about red velvet cake started spreading in the United States in the 1920s. It was said that a cake was served at a hotel’s, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, restaurant in New York.
Also, there is a scientific myth in relation to red velvet cake. This myth says that:

The cake’s red colour comes from a chemical reaction between the baking soda and the chocolate in the recipe.

After a long day of college’s wahala, I decided to go to Noshington Cafe to cool off and I ordered red velvet cake and tea.

Noshington Front View (Photo Credit Oreoluwa Aremo)
Noshington Front View (Photo Credit – Oreoluwa Aremo)

Anyway, here is my brief review of Noshington Cafe.

Ambience: Neat, simple and comfortable; perfect environment to have a quick coffee or brunch with friends and family. I also wrote this review there, that is to show the level of comfort.
Service Delivery: Very polite and fast. The reception was top notch.
Food Quality: I just ordered for tea and red velvet cake; I will give both a 9/10.
Price: Quite affordable. Tea (€2.60) Red velvet cake (€4.00) Total (€6.80)


Noshington Inside View (Photo Credit Oreoluwa Aremo)
Noshington Inside View (Photo Credit – Oreoluwa Aremo)

Location: Below is a google map direction that could help you locate the café comfortably if you are not familiar with the area.
To contact them:

Noshington Cafe
186 South Circular Road Dublin 8


Opening hours:

Monday-Wednesday 8.30am-7pm

Thursday-Friday 8.30am-9pm

Saturday – Sunday 10am-6pm

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