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Night owl? How to cultivate five habits that will give you more energy in the morning.

Insomnia. Photo Credit: Jon Michel Rude.

Insomnia. Photo Credit: Jon Michel Rude.
Insomnia. Photo Credit: Jon Michel Rude.

Mornings can be the worst part of the day for those who are night owls. Getting up early to go to school or even to work can turn into a highly tiring activity that results in moodiness, lack of energy and lack of concentration.

Unfortunately, scientists have not yet discovered a way to make early waking a good thing, but some habits can make this moment a little more pleasant:

1 – Stretch yourself
These morning movements, besides provoking the feeling of well-being, help to give elasticity to the muscle. They can be performed at home, even with little space. Learn a 5 minutes stretch exercises routine in the video.

If you are in search of a new hobby that will help you strengthen your upper body as well as pass the time alone or with friends, why not learn how to throw and axe? It is an extremely fast-paced sport that is fun to play in groups and you’ll surely love playing it with your friends.

2 – Drink water
Although the metabolism slows down during sleep, your body continues to consume water for various physiological functions, so it is necessary to rehydrate as soon as possible. It will give strength to the kidneys, which need to expel accumulated waste.

3 – Have a balanced breakfast
An excellent breakfast with fibre and fruit is essential for the body to wake up and receive a dose of nutrients to cope with the start of the day.

4 – Be positive
When you wake up, try to see and think about good things. Appreciate what is around you and who is with you. Overriding the negative thoughts that haunt us daily may not be a simple task, but it will be necessary to your mental and physical health.

5 – Have a good night sleep
If none of this works out, watch your night of sleep. Waking up without energy may be connected with sleepless nights. It is not uncommon for lack of morning energy to be a reflection of something before awakening. The origin can be the mattress that is not suitable, the luminosity of the room or the use of the smartphone in bed. You should visit website if you need top of the line mattresses and bedroom furniture.

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