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Africa is one of the most populous and second largest continents in in the world. In Africa there are about   54 countries each with its own diversity. The Republic of Nigeria is located at the western cost of Africa with thirty six states.

Nigeria is rich in culture and traditions; and it inhabits about two twenty ethnic groups and each with their tribe including different languages. There are three main ethnic groups in Nigeria; the Igbo(East)  , the Yoruba( southwest ) and the Hausa(North).

Among each tribes, there are believes which have been passed on for generations; one of which is the “weddings”, Popularly called ” Owanbe” This weddings are always colourful, with a lot to drink and eat.

The Nigerian wedding is always colourful and full of life. One of the things that makes it more interesting is when there is an inter tribal marriage for instance (when a Yoruba man marries an Igbo woman). The bride is believed to be the centre of attention and for this reason, the groom will have to dress in the attire of the brides tribe.


The Igbo wedding which is called Igbankwu or wine carrying; this is because it involves the bride carrying cup. The preparation starts with; Introduction/ Inquiry (Iku Aka or Iju Ese) Consent From the bride’s family (Umunna/ Extended Family). The bride is usually dressed in two piece george wrapper and a embodied top and coral beads as necklace and on the waist too. Then the paying of dowry to the bride’s family; the Igbo weddings are perceived to be the most expensive because of the bride prize.



The Yoruba wedding is also called (Igbeyawo); this is because it is perceived to be the brides day and involves the groom carrying the bride. The preparation also starts with; Introduction/ inquiry; when the grooms’ parents go to the bride’s family house to ask for her hand in marriage. Then the paying of dowry which is usually done on the engagement day by the grooms’ family. The bride and groom wear what the Yoruba people call “Aso oke”   The Yoruba weddings are perceived to be the most interesting and loud.



The Hausa weddings are also called (KAMUN AMARIYA). This is one of the oldest events in the Hausa wedding ceremony; “Kamu” means catch the bride. This wedding is based mostly based on Islamic rites, and not as time consuming or expensive like the Igbo and Yoruba.

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