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Nigerian Students in Dublin

Studying internationally is a lifetime investment. Not only does the student get to see another world, culture, life style, people. studying abroad makes you stand out of the crowd, broaden your horizon and enhance job opportunities for you.


Whilst studying abroad, some people might decide to become a part and parcel of their host country and finally settle in the country for good, they find themselves   descent jobs after studies and impact the country positively.


Yet again, the heart is so wild albeit enclosed in a human body. Love might also be the reason people might also decide to stay behind. There’s a chance, one could meet the love of their life and decide to let love lead.


Nigerian Students




According to 2019 report, the number of international students from non-EEU countries enrolled across third-level institutions in Ireland reached 14.412, an increase of almost 27% since 2016.


Moving away from home to another country is such a big decision. It not only takes toll of the individual financially. It affects one mentally, psychologically, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. Arriving in country where you may not no anyone, where to go or even where to seek help can be quite overwhelming. like the stranger you are, everything is strange. you often need a guide. This is why we have created a Facebook community for Nigerian Students in Dublin. to avoid being completely homesick.


The aim of the group is to bring international students originally from Nigeria studying in Dublin together to share our various experiences living in the country, support each other morally, assist each other academically and of course gather together from time to time and have great fun traveling to different parts of the country for sightseeing. taste of what it feels to be away from home.


People from any part of the world who share common interest with our group could also join. Nigerians who have intention to come study in Dublin are free to join the community so they can easily integrate into the Irish society when they arrive in the country for studies. Also, Nigerians who have friends and families form back home could also join the group to keep in touch with their loved ones.

The community will be giving updates on our activities here in the city of Dublin, Ireland and beyond.


The community is free to join. Just click here.



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