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Top 3 Nigerian Food Splash Found in the South/East Region

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  1. AFANG Soup                                                   

Our very first meal we would be looking at is AFANG SOUP. Nigeria happens to be the most popular and largest black Nation in the world, as well as the biggest economy in Africa. With a population of over 200 million and more than 300 various tribes present in the country, one of the various attributes that make the country unique is the various types of dishes. These are dishes that when prepared the right way, it nourishes the body because of its various health and nutritional benefit it offers as well as uplifting the soul. LOL. Just as the popular saying goes as I quote ‘Health is Wealth’. One of the easiest ways to actually live a wealthy life is to eat healthily. We will be taking a look at three different meals, the ingredients they are prepared with, a recipe for preparation as well as what they can be served with, and of course their health benefits.

                                                              AFANG SOUP RECIPE

Water LeafOkazi LeafPalm OilMaggi,Salt
Fresh PepperGoat-MeatDry-FishPerewinkleStock-fish
main ingredient

                                                 How To Prepare Afang Soup

First of all, wash your water Leaf, up to 3-5 times, until the water you are using to wash it becomes very clean.

If you are using the shelled Perewinkle you also have to watch it thoroughly until the water becomes clean too.

After Washing the water-leaf, you put it in a pot and add very little amount of water and watch it closely, as the water starts coming out, you sieve the water.

After that, you cook your protein , your Goat-Meat  while it’s still on the fire add your stock-fish, allow it to boil out for a while then add your palm oil to it, allow it to boil for a while then add your crayfish, seasoning, pepper, and all other necessary ingredients and when they have all boil you add your water-leaf and Okazi-leaf , the Okazi-leaf has to be grinded .The water-leaf and Okazi-leaf are usually the last ingredients to be added to the soup, after which you stir well and it must not be allowed to boil for too long, five to seven minutes is okay because the more you boil the more the water-leaf loses its freshness.

So remove from the fire and your delicious Afang soup is ready.

Uduak Etoabasi

It can be served with Pounded Yam ,Fufu, Garri, Semovita and Oat flour or wheat.

                                            Health and Nutritional Benefit of Afang Soup

The Palm oil, meat, fish, Periwinkle, and pepper used in the preparation of the soup contains vitamin A E and C, Potassium, iodine, iron, and calcium which are essential ingredients for good eyesight, fresh and youthful skin, strong bones, good heart function, and general good health and immunity.

AFANG leaf is an excellent source of unsaturated fatty acids. Unsaturated fats make up HDL (good cholesterol).

2. Yam pepper-soup

Our second Nigeria dish is yam pepper soup. What the Urhobos of Niger-delta call ULOFO. Yams of African species must be cooked to be safely eaten because various natural substances in yams can cause illness if consumed raw. The most common cooking methods in Western and Central Africa are boiling, frying, or roasting.

It is a meal that is very nutritious for women after delivery and for the entire body especially during cold or rainy days.

                                     Ingredients for yam peppersoup (Ukodo)

Yam slices, smoked fish, unripe plantain, peppersoup spice, crayfish, onion, seasoning cube, native salt.

                                          How to Prepare Yam Peppersoup.

Wash the neat with warm water and salt. Wash the fish with hot water and salt, peel and cut your yam and Plantain into small size pieces, steam your meat with onion, salt, and seasoning cube.

After 15 minutes, add the smoke fish, peppersoup spice, pepper and water. Cook till the meat is ready. When the meat is ready, add your yam and Plantain and cook till it’s done then add your crayfish and native salt and stair properly. Cook for few minutes and turn off the heat. Your yam peppersoup is ready.

Sisi Jemimahs Recipe

                                                  What it can be served with

Yam peppersoup is basically served with cold drinks, beer or local palm wine.

                                      Nutritional value of yam peppersoup

Yam is rich in Potassium, vitamin B6.

Yam is highly fibrous, this aid in reducing bad cholesterol and constipation.

Peppersoup helps to fight flu and fever.

Peppersoup is very medicinal when taken hot.

3. Palm nut soup (banga soup)

And lastly is the Banga Soup which is also regarded as palm but soup is often common in the southern and eastern part of Nigeria. The people of the Eastern part of Nigeria refer to it as Ofe Akwu while the Urhobos of Niger Delta refers to it as Ame Edi. Ame means Water and Edi means Palm fruits.

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Thanat Sahavorapan

                      Ingredients for the Preparation of Banga Soup

Fresh palm nuts, Banga spice, Banga spice leaves (also known as beletete and Ofe akwu), dried fish, salt, seafood, (like shrimps, crayfish, catfish, Periwinkle) stockfish, Cameroon pepper, onion, beef(cow leg or any other beef part)

Palm-nut soup can be served with rice, eba, fufu or wheat.

Flo Chinyere
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