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Ever since Nigeria confirmed its first case of the new virus on the 25th of February, measures were immediately put in place to help prevent the spread of the virus. At this point, the virus also known as COVID-19 has no cure but the majority of stakeholders in the country’s health ministry believe that the nation is prepared to contain the new virus following a successful containment of Ebola a few years ago.

The Nigerian public health has directed all schools across the country to set up a handwashing station at the entrance of the school. Pupils, students, teachers, parents, and visitors are required to wash their hands before gaining entry into the premises. Hand sanitizers are distributed in schools and other public places. The first case was detected on an Italian man on a business trip to Nigeria, no other case has been reported afterward. The company visited by the Italian has been temporally shut down and sealed up. Everyone that made contact with him on the flight and during his stay in the country has been located and they all tested negative for coronavirus.

Social media has been a very helpful tool used by the Nigerian public health authorities in locating everyone who made contact with the infected person, the ‘Uber’ driver who made contact with the infected person voluntarily went on twitter to identify himself and the public health authorities were able to locate him after his tweet went viral. He tested negative to the virus as well as every other person who made contact with the infected foreigner. So far, Nigeria is winning the fight against coronavirus through sustained efforts against the virus and the cooperation of the citizens.

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