New Years Resolutions and Exercise: An Interview with Darragh Hayes

New Years Resolutions. Photo Credit: Sam JR
New Years Resolutions. Photo Credit: Sam JR
New Years Resolutions. Photo Credit: Sam JR
New Years Resolutions. Photo Credit: Sam JR

How many people actually keep up their New Years Resolutions? Three months in now, and the Instagram posts are not as common, the ‘gym selfies’ have ground to a halt, and them healthy meals…well.

Reseach has shown that many New Year Resolution do not even last the year. The top three resolutions that people make are, getting healthy, fitter and losing weight. So if you were looking for that extra boost as the months drag on and the impending Summer this should help you.

During the week, I spoke to Darragh Hayes, Personal Trainer, Fat loss and Muscle Gain expert here in Dublin. He also held the title of Mr Ireland 2010/11, Mr International 2010/2011 and Mr Universe 2011/12.

Do you see many people coming to you at the beginning of the year?

What I do is different to commercial gym, there is a constant flow. A commercial gym run their businesses by these rushes as they know there is a rush in January, during the Summer and the end of Summer sees another rush as people have been gorging and they want to get back to the gym. In many cases, people are paying a membership and 95pc to 98pc of the time its a waste of both time and money.

Do you think people are being more influenced by social media?

It’s good to have the inspiration but the whole Instagram thing is very wearing on people’s mental health. Many of those pictures are doctored and young boys and girls are being influenced on its basis. I think that whole thing will die down soon.

What would be your recommendations for people who have given up?

You have to make a choice of wanting to do it. You sit down and you eat bad food and make unhealthy choices, it’s about making a healthy choice not just about lifting weights, looking beautiful. It’s health. People are going to have heart problems and diabetes because they haven’t looked after themselves. People don’t look down the road but they’re causing damage to their bodies there is a lot of toxins in this food that people are eating and it’s causing damage. It’s a choice that you have to make, to want to be healthy. Because it’s not easy, people shy away from it. It’s not easy and if it becomes easy you’re not doing it right. I still don’t find it easy! It’s just about being healthy you can make choices. It’s person choice.

What’s the best advice that you could give a reader?

From competing I learnt all you can do is give it your heart and soul. Not to put too much pressure on yourself. Years ago when I competed there was a lot of pressure put on me and I put a lot of pressure on me too. It’s not right to put that much pressure on yourself, you have to put your life and people on hold. Just do your best and what will be will be, believe in yourself.

Is exercise, important to people’s mental health?

Of course. That goes without saying.

What is the biggest mistake that most people make or the biggest myths?

A lot of people tend to go along the lines of monkey see monkey do. People see other doing things from YouTube videos, other platforms and the ethos is wrong. People go and run for miles but they’re slowing down their metabolism and their bodies start taking fuel from their muscle. I often tell people to stop running. If you look at a marathon runner and a sprinter. The marathon runner looks emancipated and the sprinter looks much better and packed with muscle. Another myth is you don’t have to spend 5 days in the gym. If you eat correctly and train right you might only have to train 3 days.




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