New war, new rules: China and US in the same side

US and China will finally “set up a working group on cyber-security, according to Reuters, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday, as the two sides moved to ease months of tensions and mutual accusations of hacking and Internet theft.” Who would has believed it?

Indeed, US wanted to set arrangement about the corporate-espionage with China said Barack Obama. To fight against the theft of trade secrets, the administration tries to “negotiate international rules”. Even if Yang Jiechi, China’s foreign minister, affirms he wants “more international rules and co-operation on cyber espionage issues”, he rejected the accusation about the involvement of the Chinese military.

Now, the Big Deal is worse than ever and decisions have to be taken, whatever happens. The new “rules of the game” have to be set up. The cyber age demands new rules of war. All the data gathered from China are confidential and relied to business and technologies.

Cyber intrusions are showed as the big shadow over the United States. Since Julian Assange who hacked the military department and put thousand documents on the web, American administration weaknesses are bigger than ever.

The NYT or The Wall Street Journal reported that their computer networks have been “targeted”. The NYT after having written and published an article revealing “business interests and assets amassed by family of Wen Jiabao”, the access of NYT website has been forbidden in China.

This war is growing up fast on the both side. Today, we are more efficient to discover the intrusion while hackers have almost reduced by two the time they spend in the victims’ network.

The playground has no limit and media, pharmaceuticals and finance companies are now targeted.

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Edouard Nguyen is a journalist coming from Paris, France. Enrolled in a BA (Hons) Journalism and Visual Media, Edouard Nguyen is particularly driven by in-depth researches and datavizualisation. Follow him on Twitter @edouardng

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