New Report Shows The Rise of Racism in Ireland

Racism. Image Credit: Elena (flickr)

A new data report  has shown that number of reports of racism in Ireland has spiked significantly. The new report published by European Network against Racism Ireland (ENAR) submitted to from January to June 2016 shows the frustration felt by both people targeted by racism and those who witness it.

ENAR says that there has been an increase in the number of reported assaults, with a greater number of reports indicating that Gardai response to violence and abuse is inefficient and ineffective. “Level of trust in Gardai to address racism is low, and the high number of reports which indicate that the incidents are part of an ongoing pattern of racism, particularly those which have escalated to violence over a period of time.”

The data report in this period have also shown that the incidents of abuse and violence are often linked to discrimination in the access and provision of goods and services including in housing, education, employment and access to shops, restaurants and public places. ENAR also says that the reports of racist incidents are often ignored, disregarded and compounded by teachers, housing officials, county councils, elected representatives, and well as by Gardai which was established three years ago is a fully confidential and independent, civil-society based Racist Reporting System.

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