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New Podcast: Y’know What You Should Do…

Photo by Eva O'Hare edited in Canva

My best mate Eva is who I turn to when I need advice. 

Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not… She can be surprisingly encouraging when it comes to potentially reckless decisions.

“Yeah, you SHOULD text your ex right now.”

“You deserve a treat, you should definitely splurge in the Brown Thomas sale”

As adolescents, we used to pour over the agony aunt pages of Kiss, Mizz, and Shout (honestly, where I got all my sex-ed and learnt how to crimp my hair). The wholesome community of shared problems is something missing from our tech-centric lives nowadays.

Most of us have been lost and languishing during this never-ending pandemic and sometimes it’s more comforting to pose your problems, questions, and worries to a person, rather than Google. We decided to bring back the wholesome support that is the Agony Aunt.

Cue Eva.

I gathered some of your burning questions and put them to the wisest woman I know.

Unqualified, well-intentioned and always armed with a glass of wine, she’s a palm reader for the elderly and your personal agony aunt ..

In this week’s episode, we cover why dogwalking pyramid schemes may be the answer to Ireland’s housing crisis, how you can make a 5-figure income from Tik Tok crafts (menthos and coke bottles required), and the pooey perils of living on a houseboat.

If you’d like to enter a question to be answered in next week’s podcast, you can do so here. It’s anonymous and, y’know what they say- a problem shared (with our ten listeners) is a problem halved!

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