New Mortal Kombat Parodies Facebook Selfies In The Most Gruesome Way

There’s no doubt a lot of us would have had some incredibly fond memories playing the eary Mortal Kombat games growing up. The novelty of a fighting game that gruesome was like crack to our younger selves. Nowadays they have evolved beyond the old pixelated sprites to looking almost realistic, which of course makes the series’ staple Fatalities all the more gruesome looking.

Mortal Komb X released this week, and it contains perhaps the most humerous but gruesome take on Facebook and selfies with new character Cassie Cage’s Fatality. Watch the video below, but fair warning… it’s a little bit gross. But hilarious.


I just started playing a little of the new Mortal Kombat yesterday, and suffice to say the rest of the Fatalities follow a similar vein of pure gruesome, bloody gore in a way that even I found disturbing, and I even find myself a little desensitised to a lot of this cartoon violence. Thankfully the game is a lot of fun to play and of course the Fatalities are optional, though when given the opportunity to use a Fatality in Mortal Kombat… you can’t really say no.

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