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New Group Celebrates The Beauty of Westmeath

Photo by Steven Hylands from Pexels

Tucked away in the heart of Ireland, Westmeath has often been overlooked by natives and tourists. Yet one group is out to change that!

@Westmeathlife is a new Instagram group set up to share user generate photos of Westmeath and spread the word that this is a county not to be missed.

The account was set up just under a week ago and is carefully curating amazing images from amateur and professional photographers in the midlands. These photos are being shared on the Instagram feed along with accreditation to the original photographer.

People are encouraged to tag the account or DM them images to be shared on the feed or story! After all, the account is user generated and wants people to get out, explore the country and snap some great pictures!

The account is hoping to show the beauty of Westmeath and encourage people to visit the lakes, forests and walks of the Lake County.

Last year some creatives from Mullingar put together this amazing video on the town that took the internet by storm!

Interested in learning more about Westmeath? Here are some fun facts about the country!

1 – The Irish for Westmeath is An Iarmhí

2 – Historically, Westmeath was part of the Kingdom of Meath before it broke away to form an independent county in 1543

3 – Mullingar is the capital town of the county

4 – The population of the county is about 88,396

5 – It is the 20th largest county in country

6 – Many notable figures have come from Westmeath like, Niall Horan, Bressie, Joe Dolan, Michael O’Leary and John Joe Nevin

To follow the @Westmeathlife or to browse amazing photos click here: Instagram

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