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Netflix comedy gold.

Photo by John-Mark Smith

I think we all need a laugh now and then, now more so than then these days but whatever.   Good news! Netflix has delivered in spades for all of us and our comedy needs this month.  These are the eight must-see comedy series to supplement your True Crime or Serial killer series television diet.


  1. Brooklyn 99

Created and starring Andy Samberg this cop comedy series focuses on the comings and goings in Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct.  Sometimes sad and sweet but always hilarious Samberg’s comedy is a joy to watch.


  1. The Good Place

Starring the loveable Kirsten Bell and Ted Danson this four-season series looks at the afterlife and what would happen if you ended up in the good place by accident.  This comedy is whacky, and wickedly funny.  It really hits its stride in the second season.

  1. Derry Girls

Homegrown hilarity ensues in this 90’s era comedy.  Focusing on a group of teenage girls set in Derry, Northern Ireland at the end of the Troubles. Funny with a dash of nostalgia.

  1. Absolutely Fabulous

Ab Fab is on Netflix!! It hardly needs an introduction, does it?

  1. Workin’ Moms

Irreverant Canadian comedy focusing on a Mommy and Me group of women who return to work after the birth of their children.  Season Four now on Netflix!

  1. New Girl

Zoey Deschanel’s hit series is on Netflix!  Following the high jinks and general fail-ness of Jess, CeeCee, Nick, Winston, and Schmidt.  Don’t try True American at home!


  1. Schitt’s Creek

Six seasons of goodness, with the final session due to hit Netflix this month, shows us the fall of a mega-rich family when they lose all their money and are forced to move to a town the own called “Schitt’s Creek”. Can you say “ew David!”. Led by Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy this comedy is a new cult classic.


  1. Modern Families

The powerhouse of comedy has landed on Netflix just in time to brighten our lockdown days.  A strong cast all capable of delivering comedy with ease spans over 11 seasons.



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