Netflix Binge- watching – Top 10 ( Thriller)

There are many shows one can binge-watch during this Quarantine. The list as to my recommendations are as follows:- ( spoiler alert- there are thrillers because I love mystery)

  1. Dirty John – This show follows the plot twist in which the man is a con and manipulates the female lead to fall for his lies.



2. Dead to ME – This show is about two female leads, in which one of the female lead is a widow and the other isn’t who she seems to be.

Screenshot 2020-05-08 at 17.47.51

3. The Haunting of Hill House- Well as you can tell  from the title, a family moves in to a haunted house unaware of , what surprises awaiting them.


4. Secret Obsession – The female lead suffers from amnesia after suffering from trauma , when she wakes up her loving husband is there to tend to his needs but unfortunately he isn’t what he seems.



5. Hush- This movie is produced in such a way that the tension keeps building up as the movie progresses. The plot follows a young woman being stalked by a man who is outside and is finding ways to get into the house.


6. Bird Box- This is a stunning movie which one must watch in my opinion. The movie plot is a woman trying to navigate through the forest protecting her children when suddenly one night an apocalypse occurs.


7. How To Get Away with Murder – This is one of those shows that should be commended for the acting of the characters. A lawyer and her team of students who perform exemplary in a class, lawyer up, act as detectives, solve murders.

Spoiler- They aren’t always on the law’s slide.



8. YOU- This show is one of the most popular thrillers on the streaming platform – Netflix.  The show follows the plot of a male lead who is a librarian, its the classic love story but with a twist that will leave you baffled. Thank me later 🙂


9. In The Tall Grass- The trailer of this movie looks very promising, but unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed much by it. The plot of the movie is a brother and sister venture into a grass field trying to help others but they are unaware that this isn’t just any grass field but imbibed with powers.


10. The Silence- This is equivalent to bird box but the world is suddenly under attack from creatures that hunt human by sound, a teenager and her family who lost her hearing find shelter at a refuge. However, they soon realize that they still aren’t safe.




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