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All about nature

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

What is nature? Nature is so many things. Nature is the divine, physical, material world or cosmos in its broadest sense. Nature influences your thinking. It broadens your mind. It makes you want to explore because nature is beautiful in every aspect.

 Human existence is often thought of as a different group from all-natural phenomena, despite the fact that humans are a part of nature. In today’s environment, the term “nature” is sometimes used to refer to geology and biodiversity. Nature may refer to the general domain of living plants and animals, as well as, in some instances, inanimate object processes—the way that specific kinds of entities occur and alter on their own, such as the atmosphere and geology of the Earth.

Image by Valiphotos from Pixabay 

I really love nature because it always fascinates me. Nature brings me a sense of joy that I find hard to come by in my everyday life.  It disconnects me from the outside world when it becomes too overwhelming. For some people being around nature relaxes them both physically and mentally. Nature also brings some sense of peacefulness and wholeness. It disconnects you from the busy world. It makes you focus on your surroundings and appreciate the beauty of creation.

People have different experience with nature. I created  a page on Instagram to encourage other nature lovers to share the experience with nature and also to share photos of appreciation for nature. I already started sharing some pictures I had of the beauty of nature around me. The Instagram page is @Worldnaturelovers06
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