National College of Ireland Celebrates Holi with Fervor

National College of Ireland celebrated the Indian festival of Holi on the 13 of March with a lot of pomp and grandeur. The celebrations took place on campus with a host of Indian and International students taking part in it.

Holi is the festival of colors celebrated across India where by people generally slather colorful powder on each other. It is an occasion where people get together and celebrate the onset of Spring with a lot of good music, food and fraternization.

NCI Holi celebrations, Photo credit - Ramya
NCI Holi celebrations, Photo credit – Ramya

Here is what some of the students had to say about the occasion.

How does it feel to celebrate Holi away from home in a foreign country?

Lohit.K says:  It feels different and nice celebrating this day with new friends, a family away from home. Feels nostalgic because back home Holi celebrations are in full swing  and we celebrate it over a course of 2 days it is a huge deal in India.

Holi is celebrated in a big way back in India? What do you miss the most?

Amit.K and Bhavana Nagesh says: Family and friends of course and the scrumptious food, more over Holi is celebrated in a grand scale in India. We have certain restrictions here for example in our college we were not allowed to  use water as part of the celebrations. During Holi we can see the streets filled with colorful faces. There is music dance and people  have a gala time.

 Holi celebrations, Photo credit - Ramya
Holi celebrations, Photo credit – Ramya

What make it special about celebrating it here?

Sam Jaipal says: Here in Dublin we are celebrating this festival with friends from different countries. It feels great because the international student community have joined in on the festivities. Many of our friends are not aware about the history behind Holi so it is nice to share our culture with them.

Your thoughts on the College hosting the celebrations for Indian students?

Carolina MJ from Venezuela says: I think its nice that the college has arranged for us to be able to celebrate the day with our friends from India. I think the significance of this festival is that it promotes universal brotherhood my friends tell me that in India people partake in the Holi festivities irrespective of their religious background.  In a country that has multiple languages and communities I think that is amazing.  Also it is wonderful to have our Professors joining in to celebrate this festive occasion with us.  I only wish we had more colors. We were distributed with only 3 colors.

 Holi celebrations, Photo credit - Ramya
Holi celebrations, Photo credit – Ramya

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