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My top 5 tiktok content creators

Photo by Solen Feyissa from Pexels

TikTok is a wonderful app that has helped all of us get through the lockdown. And there are many individuals who have poured both hearts and minds into the service they provide for our entertainment. The latest global pandemic has placed a burden on our movements and how we entertain ourselves, and then TikTok emerged. On Tiktok, there are a number of content creators, many of whom post videos for a variety of purposes, including entertainment, recognition, business promotion, and revenue.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Here are a couple of my favorite tiktok users, some of whom are well-known tiktok users and others who are new to the platform;

  1. Kallmekris
Credit: kallmekris

Kallmekris is a certified Tiktok content creator with over 26.5 million followers. Her content focuses on the various characters she has created. She has over ten different characters that she plays in her videos. Riley, Katrina, Chad, among several others, are some of her well-known characters. She now has Merchandise and makes commercial videos for businesses that she gets paid to do because of the amount of success she has achieved on Tiktok. She also has a youtube page where she posts her reactions to fan mails and other content. The material she publishes is extremely amusing and humorous.


What I imagine it’s like to have a toddler pt you guess🧐

♬ original sound – Kris HC
Credit: kallmekris

2. Mikayla Nogueira

Credit: Mikayla Nogueira

@mikaylanogueira is her Tiktok handle. She worked at Ulta Beauty before leaving to pursue her dream of being a full-time content creator, and she hasn’t looked back. Mikayla is verified on TikTok and has over 4.6 million followers. Her main focus is makeup. She is a professional makeup artist who creates in-depth makeup videos for all to learn from. When you’re left at home with little to do, there are a number of things you can do to pass the time, such as improving your makeup skills. Mikayla has a few things to teach others. She also does product reviews for cosmetics, which has been very positive and educational.


The last one is my fav package I received! Save the best for last!🥺❤️ #makeup #beauty #SourPatchPrankFund #GodzillaVsKongRoar

♬ original sound – Mikayla Nogueira
Credit: Mikayla Nogueira

3. Bentellect

Credit: bentellect

On Tiktok, Bentellect, aka “The facts guy,” has about 5.5 million followers. His content normally consists of collecting different tweets or memes and grouping some that everybody will connect to, then saying “Facts” to all the ones that are relatable. Most of them are quite amusing. He also posts some of the longer videos on youtube and sells his merchandise on his website. If you are home, it can be soothing to watch funny material and just laugh out loud.
Credit: bentellect

4. Bylindsayalbanese

Credit: bylindsayalbanese

Bylindsayalbanese is a fashion stylist, entrepreneur, and inventor. She has 449.2k followers on Tiktok and is verified. She provides content about how to style the new fashion trends and provides small business guidance about how to grow. Her material is both instructional and insightful. Most people will be ready to go out and have drinks, go clubbing, travel, and so on after the lockdown. It is a good idea to watch her videos to see what goes with your favorite pair of denim or what to wear out for drinks with your girlfriends.

Credit: bylindsayalbanese

5. Mik.Zenon

credit: mik.zenon

If you are like me and you are still shopping due to the lockdown especially from Amazon then @Mik.zenon’s content is for you. On Tiktok, he has 1.6 million followers and is expanding, and his content focuses on “Amazon products you need or don’t.” Mik launched a series called 100 things you need from Amazon or don’t, which contains over 100 products that may or may not be helpful to you. After completing the 100 items on his list, his fans asked for more, so he extended it to 365 products you need or don’t. Mik Zenon not only buys and uses these goods, but he also holds giveaways in which he conducts mini-challenges in which the winner receives whatever devices or things he has specified.
Credit: mik.zenon

People believe that TikTok is a waste of time, but it is actually a place where people can get away from reality, particularly in light of the global pandemic. Many people, admittedly, take the software for granted, but those who do not do so use it simply to view the world from a new viewpoint. It is unquestionably worth a shot.

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  1. I seriously never understood how tiktok worked as i cant seem to find my way around it. But after going through this piece I have made your top 5 my top 5 and cant seem to get enough. Thank you Matilda. Great work too.

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