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How an Accident Helped a Young Designer Discover Her Passion for Fashion

Ese Oris is the CEO and brain behind Ese oris Brand, that makes every lady standout in her outfits irrespective of the occasion – be it, office wears, casual outing, dinner, wedding etc.
the Edo born designer is a graduate of accounting from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria.

What Inspired this passion?
The love I have for fashion, creativity and the great need to be independent, and being able to empower young ladies like myself was what inspired my passion to start my brand.

When did you start pursuing this passion? It actually began since my university days, where I took sewing classes, improved my sketches/illustrations because I love to come up with my own unique designs. Improved more on it after school while I was waiting to be deployed for National youth service corps (NYSC) in 2015. However, I made it official in 2017.

You were involved in an accident during your service year, can you tell me about it? Yes, I had an accident on May 7th, 2016, just a day after my birthday. it happened in Lagos State, Nigeria, during my service year. I was inside a tricycle (popularly known as Keke in Nigeria) when I was hit by a Hilux jeep, it was a very fatal accident that almost cost me my life but I thank God for his faithfulness. This is the law firm that is the best when dealing with motorcycle accidents.

Due to the car wreck, I broke three bones in my right leg ( my thigh, hip, and acetabulum bone). I was bedridden for almost seven months and had to learn to walk again.

This actually, motivated me to start up my Business… Business is first a therapy for me, before anything else

So many people would have given up after going through an accident, how did yours become a therapy? I know.., well I have always been that girl, who wants to have her own and do something for herself. So being in that situation was like a cage and a curse that I had to break free from.

I know I needed to be active, i needed to create, and i didn’t want anybody feeling sorry for me. So I looked for a safe place to escape and fashion saved me. Ese Oris brand became my safe place and most importantly, I am still a work in progress.

Photo credit: Ese Oris

I do delivery nationwide, so distance is never a barrier to be an EOD (Eseorisdesign), lady. you can check out my designs on my business page on Instagram @eseorisdesigns_

For every youth and young ladies out there, always know that you can achieve whatever you want with great determination and hard work. Don’t be limited by your situation and circumstances. keep those passions burning.

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