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My make-up journey(Video)

make up

Choosing a career is relatively easy these days because we live in an ever evolving world, and most jobs that exist now did not exist a few years ago. Aside from the courses we go to school/ colleges to study, most people have a side job or side hustle that pays them while they are in school. These side hustles include jobs like being a food delivery biker, walking peoples dogs, baby sitting , etc.

I fell in love with make-up when I was nineteen and I consider it my side hustle. I started off by watching YouTube videos and practising on my own, not long after, I felt confident enough to show my skills to my friends. After doing what I thought was the best makeup I could ever do at the time, I came out of the bathroom and instead of a shower of praises, my friend asked me what was on my face. My heart sank.

Instead of giving up and sulking, I went back to the drawing board and started asking my best friend at the time, who was already a makeup artist for tips and advice on what I could do better.  She kept encouraging and correcting me and eventually I got a lot better.

Although a lot of people were mocking my work and made me feel like I was wasting my time, I kept on doing what I loved.  By 2017, I started to do makeup on my friends and my family members, for events like birthdays, parties etc. People would see the makeup and ask where they got it done, not long after I started getting phone calls from people I did not even know, offering me money to do their makeup.

From 2017 till now I have done makeup for a large number and variety of people, who keep recommending my services to others. Although I have not had my big break yet, I know it closer than I think.

 My name is Blossom Odubu, and this is a short video about my make-up journey. If I can overcome the obstacles, so can you. I am looking forward to working on your beautiful faces.

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