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My Isolation diary; Social Media trends

Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels

From virtual club scenes organised by DJ’s to numerous challenges and games coming up on social media, it would seem like people of all age, gender and social status have begun to take up an active interest in social media in a bid to stay in touch with family and friends while self-isolating and maintaining social distance.

The reason for this increased interaction on social media is not far fetched because as these restrictions and measures continue to tighten in an attempt to slow down the spread on the virus there is no denying the underlying effect this would have on mental health.

According to the HSE, there are many things that can be done to mind mental health during this unprecedented time. and one of this prescription is the use of social media not just as a tool for staying up to date with recent events but also to distract and keep in touch with loved ones.

With major trends like #24hourschallenge #pushupchallenge #thebrushchallenge  #dontrushme and many others dominating social media at the moment. It is evident that many people are now in on social trends which means gone are the day’s parents assumed social media was a complete waste of time because they also have jumped in on the social train.

On the first episode of “My isolation diary,” we would be taking a look at 4 major social media trends that have dominated our timelines and feeds these past weeks.

As the world remains in this unsettling phase, although engaging in some of these trends would not change the situation but a little distraction here and there would be worth trying, to keep us engaged.

Stay safe everyone, we would pull through this together.



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