A must listen to electronic music lovers: Database

Database (Photo Credits: Database)
Database (Photo Credits: Database)

Ten years ago, a duo was starting in the electronic music scene in São Paulo, Brazil. If you never heard about Database, here is a work you must listen right now! The electronic project runs away from what people know and do not use tones as EDM, Deep House, etc. As the creators Yuri Chix and Lucio Morais says, it is World Music.

The Brazilian project Database started when two friends decided to make music together. “We were always passionate with music. We grow up together; we always liked the same things. Yuri used to have a band and I played as a DJ, it was super natural for we to work together”, explains Lucio.

Database (Photo Credits: Database)
Database (Photo Credits: Database)

Southern Fried Rec, the same label as Fatboy Slim, released their first single. It was a compilation called Ugly Edits. Another great example of Database’s work around the world was the label of the French Kitsunê in their releases. “We ended up doing the “beaches&friends” with French Horn Rebellion. The EP was a success in USA in 2009”, tells Lucio. The single “Poster Girl” got the rapper Jay-Z attention, with a post at his personal blog.

Until now, they have nine Eps, two “Ugly Edits” compilations, more than 100 remixes and one new released album, “Vivid Exposition”. “Even though, we are already working in your next album and we will release a new ep in the next semester”, comment Lucio.

Database was present in international festivals as SXSW (Texas), Conferette 35 Festival (Texas), CMJ (NY). In Brazil, they played at the giant Lollapalooza. However, they are already negotiating new dates at USA, Canada and Mexico for the next semester. “We hope we can also go to Dublin”, celebrates Lucio.

You can find Database music and information at Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Enjoy!

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